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New VCDs
By the grace of God we have released some VCDs. By watching the VCDs you shall receive the poser and blessings of God and the messages will strengthen you.

Be Filled With the Spirit

This book will certainly build up and stabilize your faith in God.Specifically it highlights the importance of praying being filled with the Spirit and also helps you to know the scriptures pertaining to this truth .

I can assuredly say without any doubt that this book will help you to rise up and shine for the Lord within a short span of time and enable you to lead perishing souls to Christ.

God Bless You-
Bro GPS Robinson



Prayer brings Victory DVD

This 5 pack DVD is a unique compilation of ten messages on ten different aspects of prayer.These messages were delivered during the "Prayer brings Victory" seminar held in the "Intercession Prayer Centre" of "Jesus Meets Ministries" during August 2014.The goal of this seminar was to raise "A prayer army for the glory of God".

You may have missed the opportunity to attend the seminar but as you meditate on these messages you are sure to receive a prayer anointing that overflows in your life.

These messages are sure to bring a glorious transformation in your prayer life and take you to another dimension in your spiritual life and walk with God. You are sure to receive" Healing, New Beginnings & A Definite Turning Point in your Spirit,Soul and Body and in your family and in every aspect of your life.

My prayer is that you rise up as a prayer warrior for the glory of God.

God Bless You,
Bro GPS Robinson



A Table before My Enemies

En Sathrukkalukku Munpaga Oru Panthi is an indispensable treasure for every believer specially for those who are caught by the cunning wiles of the devil and are suffering .The Godly counsels given in this book along with the faith confessions is sure to heal broken families,encourage discouraged souls,refresh tired bodies and strengthen weary souls.You will surely experience deliverance, great peace and victory in every situation and challenge that you face in life.

God bless you!
Sis Christina Robinson.




This book “MY CHILDREN – PLANTS OF OLIVE TREE!” clearly expounds the truth concerning how parents should bring up their children for the Lord. This book contains faith  confessions of the Lord’s promises which would change children given by Him, into vessels of blessings.

This book is available in English , Tamil and Kanadam

New  Book Release : My family a well watered garden

New  Book Release: My family a well watered garden(available  in Tamil(En Kudumbam Neer Pachalana Thottam) “Jesus Meets Ministries” new book has faith confessions for a blessed family life.

The book will be a key to 

  • A victorious family

  • Peaceful family

  • A family living in unity

  • Prosperous family

  • Joyful family

Contact us by mail or phone,

Contact number: 9841252836, 044-26380036

Contact address: No 4, Kavarapalayam Main Road,Avadi, Chennai-600054


New DVDFrom the depths of my heart: Dr DGS Dinakaran(Tamil) ( Rs. 50/- Postal Charges Extra)

This scintillating face to face interview with the late India’s leading evangelist is sure to stir up our hearts for God, get up from discouragement and run for God, fight the good fight of faith and finish the race
  • How was a young Dinakaran, proceeding towards committing suicide touched by God?
  • Can I have a good future?
  • Can I rise up from ashes and shine for God?
  • Can I overcome struggles and storms in life?
  • How to spend time with God and walk with God?
  • What is the secret of success in ministry?

Bro D.G.S Dinakaran answers these questions from his rich experience.

This 60minutes DVD is sure to revolutionize your spiritual life and take you to the next level in ministry! Rush for your copy today!

Each CD Rs. 50/- postal charges extra
There are many Special Messages in various topics by Bro. G.P.S.Robinson & Sis. Christina Robinson (Tamil).
Ilaya Thalaimuraiye Yesuvukkaga Elumbu  (Tamil) (4 VCD pack)  This 4 VCD pack Rs. 200/- (Postal charges extra)
An excellent and uncomparable creation in Tamil Christian world for the first time.
The rich and wealthy experiences of the servants of God Dr. Dhinakaran, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran,  Bro. J. Sam Jebadurai, Bro.  Mohan .C. Lazarus,  REv.D. Mohan, Bro. Ezekiah Francis, Fr. Berchmans, Bro. Augustin Jeba Kumar.
Special guidance for identifying the calling and to prosper.
Beautiful songs to delight the hearts.
Praise & Worship (VCD) (Rs.100/- including inland postal charges)
This VCD is a live coverage of “Fasting Prayer Camp” conducted at Tirupattur. This live worship stimulates (kindles) the watchers to worship the Lord with heart and soul and brings deliverance and blessings in both spiritual and worldly life. Many are blessed and delivered by watching this God given VCD. It helps the believers to worship Him in spirit and in truth.
Salvation and Anointing (2-VCDs) (Rs.175/- including inland postal charges)
It is no wonder that this twin VCDs will bring two fold blessings in your life. What is salvation? Why people need it and what it brings in their life? Answer to all these questions is clearly covered in this salvation VCD.
What is anointing? How does it make changes in one’s life? What should one do to be anointed? Everthing is clearly explained in this VCD. Father Berchmans sang a song in this VCD.
Carryout Lord’s battle (Tamil) (VCD) (Rs.100/- including inland postal charges)
There is a battle kept for us by our Lord and we should realize it and we have to carry out it by ourselves. We have been equipped with a mighty weapon the sword of spirit that is the word of God. How to enrich with the word of God and how to use it and claim it in right time. All these things are clearly narrated in this VCD.
Deliverance from Cruse (Tamil) (VCD) (Rs.100/- including inland postal charges)
How does a curse come upon a man or a family from generation after generation? How does it spoil the life of people? What should be done to get out from it? What is the remedy for it? This VCD gives answers and way out from the bondage of curse.
Message Cassettes:
There are many audiotape containing messages by Bro. G.P.S. Robinson in various spiritual meetings, which carry God's comfort and blessings to several thousands of peoples. Many listeners of these recordings have been touches at crucial moments in their lives and helped to be reborn in Christ.
The various titles of the message cassettes are given below:
Message Cassettes
(Audiotape Rs.50/- including inland postal charges - each cassettes)
Praise & Worship Cassettes:
This is the live praise and worship of Bro.G.P.S. Robinson in spiritual meetings. This will bring much blessing in your life and you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit while listening to this tape.
(Audiotape Rs.50/- including inland postal charges)
"Yen Belanagiya Karthave" (Tamil) (Rs.40/- including inland postal charges)
Brother G.P.S. Robinson has authored a book “Yen Belanagiya Karthave” (Tamil) being filled and guided by the Holy Spirit. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit will bring about a turning point in the life of each one of you who one reading this book. When we go in to the depth of this book it refers to the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This first booklet was published in the year 1996. Thousands of readers had clear study about the Holy Spirit and also received the anointing after reading this book. If you read this book you will surely receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit and will come in to the perfect control of the Holy Spirit

This book “MY CHILDREN – PLANTS OF OLIVE TREE!” clearly expounds the truth concerning how parents should bring up their children for the Lord. This book contains faith  confessions of the Lord’s promises which would change children given by Him, into vessels of blessings.

This book is available both in English and Tamil
"Ularntha Elumbugal Uiradaiyum" (Tamil) (Rs.40/- including inland postal charges)


Is there a life for me? Shall I prosper? If you are tiresome of your spiritual and worldly life and asking the above question then this book will definitely give answer to all your problems. If you have lost revival (stimulation) in your spirit, soul and body and your life is filled with bitterness, then this book is written just for you.

About the Book . . .  
Father. Berchmans
The very moment you go through the book “Ulartha Elumbugal Uiradaiyum” a new life will be formed within you. Our brother has written very simply and easily understandable manner of leading victorious life. Believers are meant for leading victorious life.
My loving greetings to GPS. Let your writing (literature) work be continued forever.
Audio & Video Cassettes
Many audiotapes containing messages by Bro. G.P.S. Robinson in various meetings are also available. A number of such tapes and cassettes have been brought out on various titles containing the gospel and other spiritual messages. Moreover, songs have come out in audiotapes and CDs in four volumes.
Song Cassettes:
Vol. 1 Abhishekathin Vallamai (Audiotape & CD) (Audiotape - Rs.60/- CD - Rs.120 /- including inland postal charges)
This cassette is about Lord’s power through anointing.We can do great things only because of anointing. The songs and short messages by Bro. G.P.S. Robinson are about anointing.
Vol.2 Vakkuthathangalin Vallamai (Audiotape & CD) (Audiotape - Rs.60/- CD - Rs.120 /- including inland postal charges)
God gives us many promises in the Holy Bible. They are very powerful and also comforting us in the time of trouble. This audiotape contains songs and messages of God’s promises.
Vol. 3 Visuvasathin Vallamai (Audiotape & CD) (Audiotape - Rs.60/- CD - Rs.120 /- including inland postal charges)
Only through faith we can receive blessings from our Lord. Without faith we cannot do anything. This cassette reveals the power of faith.
Vol. 4 Jebathin Vallamai (Audiotape & CD) (Audiotape - Rs.60/- CD - Rs.120 /- including inland postal charges)
Prayer brings victory. Through prayer we can do great things for our Lord and get great things from our Lord. The songs and messages in this audiotape explain how to grow in prayer life. And also it contains many experiences of Bro. G.P.S. Robinson.
  You  can please your orders at:  Jesus Meets Ministries, No.4, Kavarapalayam Main Road,Avadi, Chennai - 600 054.   E-mail:

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