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We thank God for keeping the Jesus Meets ministries a great blessing to many souls, by His grace. Jesus Meets ministries is that which fulfils God’s ministry through various facets such as Gospel Meetings, Fire Camps, Family Blessing Meeting, Television ministries, Magazine ministries, Audio/Video ministries, Publications, Prayer Ministry through E-Mail etc.,

If the Spirit prompts you to join us and build the Kingdom of God, you may support this ministry by your liberal offering once a month or once in three months or once in six months or once in a year.

Easy way to send your offering
Through Money Order
Bro. G.P.S. Robinson
Jesus Meets Ministries
No.4, Kavarapalayam Main Road,
Avadi, Chennai - 600 054.
(For only in India)


Through Bank

Bank  : ICICI Bank

Account Name :G.P.S.Robinson

Account No: 156001000096

Branch : Avadi Branch

Sift Code :  icicinbbcts

IFSC Code : icic0001560



Indian Bank

Account Name : G.P.S.Robinson

Account No : 488126405

Branch : Avadi Branch, Chennai -54

IFSC Code : IDIB000A079

Indian Bank Code No : 01097


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