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1)    God gave me a sound mind.
I participated in the youth camp held on October 2 in the Jesus Meets Intercessory Prayer Center. When I came I was totally depressed but God’s message strengthened me. During the final prayer time when brother prayed filled with the Holy Spirit I was delivered totally from depression and Jesus blessed me with a sound mind. Praise God-Bro David

2)    Pain left my body
Praise God, I cannot sit or stand in a place continuously for 5 minutes. In such a condition I came to the Youth Camp. During prayer time, I received the anointing for the first time, the pain in my body left. I also received the gift of tongues. Praise God for the healing. -Bro.Martin - Pudur.

3)    Suicidal thoughts left me

For the last few months I was tormented by suicidal thoughts. At this point of time I attended the youth camp that was conducted in the Jesus Meets “ Intercessory Prayer Centre”. I had an encounter with God during message time and prayer time. Now I’m completely delivered from suicidal thoughts. My heart is filled with joy. I praise God for the miracle . -Samuel, Chittor.


Miracles through “Jesus Meets Ministries”

In healing meetings 
Tumour disappeared

I used to participate in the Tuesday evening healing meetings whenever possible. Recently I had severe pain at the back of my head and I took a scan. The scan report revealed that I had a tumour at the back of my head. In this condition I participated in the healing meeting conducted during Tuesday evenings and prayed in faith during the prayer time. I testified in faith that the Lord has healed me.

I went to the doctor and he told me that surgery is a must. But with faith I once more took a scan and glory to God the tumour had completely disappeared. I praise God for the miracle and thank you for your prayers.Sis. Ramani

Miracles during live webcast
Neck pain healed

By God’s grace I’m watching the live webcast of the healing meeting held every Tuesday evening and as prayers were offered for healing, I prayed with much burden and faith for healing of my neck pain. The same moment God healed me of the pain in my neck and glorified His Name. Glory to God!  I thank you and Jesus Meets Ministries for your prayers.- Nelson

Telephone ministry
Miraculous healing through telephone prayers 

Last week my son was down with severe dengue fever and was admitted in the “Railway Hospital” in Chennai. In the midst of trials and tribulations I contacted the “ Jesus Meets Prayer Team” through phone for prayer support. Bro Robinson and Sister Christina Robinson and all the prayer intercessors prayed for my son with much burden. After going through much pain and agony by His utmost grace my son experienced divine healing and was discharged from the hospital. Glory to God.- Sis. Mala.



         During prayer time the Lord anointed me beyond measure and the weakness in my neck disappeared and I was healed completely. -Mary-Kolar  
       I was completely delivered from the spirit of infirmity during prayer time. -Balraj-Oorapakkam.  
      I did not have money for paying fee for my son’s studies. I attended the Family Blessing Meeting and prayed for the need to be met. God answered the prayer and helped me to pay my son’s fee. Glory to God.-Meena, Thiruninravur  
      I was praying with much burden for “fire anointing”. The Lord poured out His mighty anointing on me and my infirmities disappeared. Glory to God! Sheela-Walajah  

My son had a hole in his heart from birth. The doctors told me that the hole will disappear by itself when the child reaches the age of five but surgery will have to be performed if the hole does not disappear.

 I started confessing the promises for children from the booklet “My Children Olive Plants” written by Sis Christina Robinson and in the fourth month the hole in the heart disappeared. Praise God!-Cynthia- Chennai


Even after few years of marriage I did not have a child. I attended the “Family Blessing Meeting” and prayed for the blessing of a child. The very next month I conceived and God blessed me with a child. Praise God.

Stephen Raj & Esther-Ammanoor

      I read the book “En Sathrukkaluku Munpaka Oru Panthi” and prayed. The Holy Spirit revealed to me “that the evil force that was working in me” was completely destroyed. I was filled with the joy of salvation. Praise God!Poornima- Sekkadu  

I participated in the deliverance festival held in Thudiyalur in Kovai.The Lord sent His Word and delivered me as the message was preached by our brother and during prayer time the Lord blessed me with an anointing to pray which I lost.To God be the glory. - Asokan
Delivered by the Word of God

By the grace of God I attended the Thudiyalur Deliverance Festival. I came there with much burden. The word of God and the message of God transformed me.My burden was lifted. Divine peace and joy flooded my soul.Glory be to God. - Murali
Received a special touch of God

I participated in the Thudiyalur Deliverance Festival by the grace of God.As I was lifting my hands and praying I received a mighty anointing.Praise be to God. - Esther Malar
Received divine healing

I was not able to walk and stand straight and with much difficulty participated in the Chennai Kolathur meetings. During the prayer time our brother prophesied that weaknesses are leaving people,I received the Word of God in faith.At that moment all weakness and infirmities left me and now I am healed totally and I’m able to walk and stand straight. All glory to God. - Tamilselvi
    Anointing Camp

Received the Holy Spirit

By the grace of God, the Anointing Camp in Neyveli was of great blessing. God graciously granted me the immeasurable anointing of the Holy Spirit. Glory be to God. - Geetha, Neyveli.


Received the Fire anointing

By the grace of God when I came to the Anointing camp in Neyveli, I prayed with thirst for anointing. The Holy Spirit filled me with fire anointing and blessed me. - Ruth, Neyveli

    Gospel Meetings...  

Family Blessing Meeting...

Deliverance from dirty thoughts God graciously helped me to attend the meetings held in Uvari. When I was praying much for my holiness, all the filthy thoughts in me vanished by the power of God. Sam, Uvari God’s hands touched me God graciously helped me to participate in the Gospel Meetings held in Uvari, Tirunelveli District from April 30th to May 2nd. During the prayer time, surprisingly I felt the Lord touching me. I was thrilled and happy.-Sofia, Thisyanvilai


Immeasurable Anointing

I attended the Gospel meetings held on April 30th and May 1st and 2nd in Uvari. During the prayer time, the abundant measure of the Holy Spirit was poured down upon me. Glory be to God! - Beulah, Thisayanvilai.


Deliverance from dirty thoughts

God graciously helped me to attend the meetings held in Uvari. When I was praying much for my holiness, all the filthy thoughts in me vanished by the power of God. Sam, Uvari

    The works of the Holy Spirit in the Jesus Meets Ministries

Magazine Ministry

Magazine which is full of comfort and hope.

Dear and respected Bro. G.P.S.Robinson, I read your Jesus Meets magazine, every month. The special feature of this magazine is that the message and the title written for that month are just for my family. They are of great comfort to us and give us hope. Glory be to God! Besides, answering the prayers offered for my children, the Lord helped them to get good marks in +2 and has given them admission for Engineering. My loving thanks to you who prayed.-Jeyasutha, Thiruvalangadu.


In Daily Thanthi Newspaper

Dear brother in Christ, the messages that you wrote in the spiritual section of the Daily Thanthi Newspaper were of great benefit to me and I could understand many things through them. The message ‘you would see miracles in the exams’ and ‘You, parents expect a miracle’ gave me hope and because of that my son got success in his exams. Glory be to God. - Rathnapriya, Chennai.


T.V. Ministry

Eye problem healed

I watch your programme ‘Power Even Today’ in the Tamilan T.V During the prayer time on Sunday night at 7.45 P.M when you prayed, mentioning my problem, God granted me complete healing in my eye. Besides, when you prayed on the programme on 10.3.2013, I was delivered from the disease Positional Vertigo. Glory be to God.  – Ajay, Uluthurpet.


Completely Delivered

I was blessed by watching the programme ‘Power Even Today’ telecasted on Sunday, 7.45 Pm through Tamilan TV, last week. I was suffering from giddiness. When you prayed for sickness, I too knelt down and prayed for my giddiness and ulcer. Glory be to God who granted me healing. – Rajeswari, Ariyalur Dt.


God’s  Power in the Book Ministry

Oh! Lord My strength

Dear brother,  your book on the Holy Spirit,  ‘Oh! Lord My Strength’ is of great benefit to me. My life which was in tatters before, I read this book, underwent lot of transformation and there is deliverance and revival in my prayer life. Glory be to God!  -Marshal, Erode


God who did Miracle

After reading  Sis. Christina Robinson’s book, ‘My children, Olive Plants’ I am making faith confessions. When I was in my 7th month of  pregnancy, doctor told that  my blood vessels are narrowed and I claimed the promises given in the  book. The next scan report showed normal and the child was found to be healthy. Glory be to God. I am reading this book continuously and  an benefitted – Sis. Rejoy Kirubakaran, Chennai - 61

Udaya Selvan - I came to this meeting with a heavy heart. The Lord touched me and without my knowledge all the heaviness is gone and I am filled with a divine happiness now.
Selwyn Raj - I attended the meetings having lost my anointing and in despair and I was filled with the Anointing by the Holy Spirit. I am very happy now. Praise God!
Prakash - Having been through a lot of pain and suffering in my ministry in a small village in Dharmapuri, I came to the meeting with much sorrow. The Lord spoke to me clearly about each and every problem that I am facing through brother and he reassured me with the promise "The LORD will make you the headnot the tail" and filled me with his blessings and power.
Benjamin - The Holy Spirit filled me with his amazing happiness and changed all the sorrows and uncertainties that were in me when I came to the meetings
Sesha Nesan - My empty and vacant soul was filled with the Anointing by the Lord in these meetings and I have been strengthened.
Sarasan - With my life in utter despair because of losses in my business and heavy debts I had only one thing in my mind when I came to these meetings, suicide! But during the prayer session the Lord prophetically spoke to me and filled me with his Love, happiness and Anointing and in that moment the suicidal thoughts were completely driven away from my mind. Praise be to the Lord!
    God’s Miracles in the Family Blessing Meeting held in the Jesus Meets Intercessory Prayer Centre.
Bro. Jagedesan – By the grace of God I came to this meeting and was touched by the message as well as by the works of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has now given me the burden to pray more for the nation and has poured into me the Spirit of prayer.
Bro. David – I came to this meeting amidst physical weakness. During the prayer time, the Lord anointed me. All my weakness vanished!
Bro. Meganathan – By the grace of God I attended the Family Blessing Meeting. The Holy Spirit has completely delivered me out of the fear of death.
Sis. Raji – The Lord graciously helped me to attend this meeting. During the prayer time, He filled me with fresh power of anointing.
Sis. Rosy – I, who had severe back pain, was completely delivered during the prayer time of this meeting, by the grace of God.
Sis. Baby – By the grace of God I was able to attend this meeting. During the prayer time, I was filled with a new power.
      I received a personal touch from God. I had a glorious vision of Jesus.  
I was burdened by my family commitments when I came to this meeting. God spoke to me personally through His Word. He filled me with His joy. Praise God.
Some sort of darkness hindered my prayer life. During the prayer time the power of God came down mightily and the darkness left me. I received a new anointing. Glory to God!
  God's Blessings during the Family Blessing/Youth meeting in Bangalore.
Much anointing
I came to the fasting prayer in Bangalore with a great thirst that I should receive the anointing. When Brother prayed, God filled me with His anointing. Glory be to God
- Sis. Emimal
Deliverance from sinful life
I attended the youth meeting held in Bangalore. I was burdened by sins. During the prayer time, when I committed my life to God, the burden of sin which was pressing me left me. Millions of thanks to God who delivered me from the burden of a sinful life.
- Bro. Karthikeyan
    God's Miracles in the Anointing Camp in Tanjore.  
New strength
I attended the Anointing camp conducted in Tanjore. I felt a new anointing which I had never experienced before, coming down upon me. That time my physical weakness left me and I was rejuvenated.
- Bro, Surender, Chengaripet
Deliverance from Fear
I came to the Anointing camp in Tanjore, with weakness and fear. When Brother prayed, the fear left me and God filled me with immeasurable joy and peace.
- Sis. Maheshwari
    God's Miracles in the Anointing Prayer Festival in Erode.  
New strength in Weakness
I attended the Anointing meeting held in Erode. God removed the weakness in my body and filled me with new anointing. Glory be to God!
- Bro. Shadrach
Chest Pain Vanished
I came to the Anointing meeting held in Erode, with severe chest pain. When Brother prayed for healing, I too joined him in the prayer and prayed for my healing. That time I felt a power touching me. Immediately the terrible chest pain left me. Thanks be to God who healed me.
- Sis. Kupayi, Erode.
    The Works of the Spirit in the Jesus Meets Ministries.  
    In the meetings at Velacheri, Chennai  
I came to this meeting with much depression and agony as I was distressed on all sides in my ministry. During the message time, the Holy Spirit prophetically spoke to me about my problems. I was greatly encouraged and cheered up. Glory to God! – Pr. Muthu, Ayyar.
Dear brother, I attended this meeting with much physical weakness and pain. During the end of the meeting, at the time of prayer, miraculously my weakness vanished. My spiritual eyes were opened when I heard the message – Sis. Kamalabai.
My dear brother, I came to this meeting with great mental agony and sorrow as my wife has had a miscarriage. The Holy Spirit, knowing my burden, spoke to me and strengthened me by assuring that He would help us recover the lost blessing once again. Glory to God – Bro. Stephen
    In the Jesus Calls Healing Meeting, Chennai
By the grace of God, I attended the meeting and when Brother was singing and praising the Lord, the Spirit of God came down upon me. I thank the Lord who has anointed me. – Sis. Jayanthi
Dear brother, it gives me great joy to share with you the good thing that the Lord did for me through this meeting. During the prayer time, all the burdens that were pressing heavily down upon me vanished. God gave me perfect peace and immeasurable anointing during this meeting – Sis. Rajkumari.
Dear Brother, with mental agony and weakness I came to this meeting. When Brother was sharing the message, I felt something leaving from my body. At once the Lord completely delivered me from all my pains. I thank the Lord with gratitude – Sis. Vijaya.
Dear Brother, when I attended this meeting by the immense grace of God, He filled me with fire anointing and His power immeasurably. Glory to God! My loving thanks to you! – Bro. Balasubramanian.

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