Bro. G.P.S. Robinson


Bro. G.P.S. Robinson, Sis. Christina Robinson, Steve Robinson &Trinita Robinson

          God’s way of choosing his servants for using them as leaders, prophets or kings are unlike and beyond human comprehension. From the beginning, throughout the Old Testament days and now beyond New Testament days the chosen people of God have been used gloriously by the LORD.

          Likewise the year 1981, god has chosen Bro.G.P.S.Robinson for his glorious purpose when he was only 19 years old, redeemed him, anointed him and called him and sustained him till date and used him mightily to achieve HIS plan and purpose. In his initial days of ministry he committed his life and time in hearing God’s word, and to be in his presence always. He has a thirst for the infilling of the holy spirit for every individual believer which is seen in the present ministry as people are filled with mighty anointing receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, through which mighty miracles take place.

          By the Grace of God he has traveled all over the world and preached the Gospel of JESUS. In India the population has crossed more than 1 Billion in this century. His thirst and desire is to see the revival of India and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He is playing a vital role in the growth of churches.

          Sis. Christina Robinson is the Chosen vessel in Lord’s hand to minister among sisters. She devotes her time in conducting cottage prayer meetings among women by expounding Bible truths concerning the building up of families. Her messages in the magazine ‘Jesus Meets’ titled ‘The Family God Loves’ are of great blessing to many families.

          God has blessed Bro.G.P.S.Robinson and Sis. Christina Robinson with two lovely kids Steve Robinson and Trinita Robinson. May God bless this family abundantly. Please uphold them in your daily prayers.