Vision on Partnership

The Lord helped us to start the Jesus Meets ministries in a humble way, in the year 1984. The main vision of this ministry is to release those who are in bondage, to bring the suffering and worrying people to Christ and to lead the orthodox Christians who have not tasted the love of Christ to the joy of salvation and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.


Generally, in this country of India which has 110 crores of people, many crores of people are living without knowing Christ. Many Gospel meetings are being held by the Jesus Meets ministries in various places to lead the people who are enslaved by the spirit of idols and the power of witchcraft, to the joy of salvation through the Gospel of Christ with signs and wonders.
By the grace of God, the Holy Spirit is working mightily in these meetings where Bro. G.P.S.Robinson preaches as prompted by the Holy Spirit and many are saved and are accepting Jesus.


Generally, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is being given much importance to the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the Jesus Meets ministries. Baptism taken in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as well as the speaking of tongues are given equal importance.
In the Fire Camps held in India and in other countries, every one – from children to elders- are getting filled with power of God and are glorifying the Lord by speaking in tongues. Hence, many believers and servants of God are being strengthened by the Holy Spirit and are becoming powerful ministers.


By the grace of God, with much prayer, we are preparing and publishing “Yesu Santhikiar Malar” in Tamil and “Yesu Santhikiar” English every month. Many thousands of people in India and abroad are being blessed through this ministry. Bro. G.P.S.Robinson and his wife Sis. Christina Robinson are writing in series about the anointing and family life.


The Lord’s name is glorified through the Television Programme, ‘Power Even Today’ in Tamil, telecast every week in Tamilan Television Network.
Our Programmes are being telecast even in the Holy God Television network telecast from France for the people in the continent of Europe. Millions of people are being blessed every week through this ministry.


Generally, the messages of Bro. G.P.S.Robinson brings back the people who have gone away from the Lord and the souls which have become faint hearted, to the Christ. The kingdom of God is being built by the souls which come to know of God’s love through the audio and video cassettes.


It is a part of the Jesus Meets ministries to encourage ministers and to raise new ministers.
Bro. G.P.S. Robinson opens his heart to the ministers with the vision that they should be filled with the fire from heaven, that they should have the gifts of the spirit and become rich and do mighty deeds for the Lord


The Lord is doing many miracles through this ministry since much prayers are being offered for the letters and emails that are received by the Jesus Meets Ministries, everyday.


This ministry has Intercession Prayer Warriors who intercede for a revival in the nation, for all the churches to become like the early churches, for the spirit of idols in the country to be destroyed and for the peace of the Lord to abound in families.
For this purpose, a special building namely, Intercessory Prayer Centre is being built in Avadi, Chennai, according to the vision given by God.


The Lord is mightily using Sis. Christina Robinson in conducting special meetings for women, praying for the blessing of families and in proclaiming the relationship between the Bible and families. These meetings are conducted every third Saturday in the Jesus Meets ministries’ office.


Bro. G.P.S.Robinson’s book, ‘O, Lord My Strength’ in Tamil, not only clearly talks about the anointing of the Holy Spirit but also kindles a thirst in the heart of the readers to receive this anointing.
As a result of this, many children of God are receiving the Holy Spirit. Also, the book in Tamil, ‘Dry Bones Shall Live’, revives the spiritual life of God’s children who have lost their brightness in their spiritual life.